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Recommended Reading: Putting the SAC Bunt to Bed & The Differences Between American/Dominican Ba

Absolute must read article on the differences between American and Dominican baseball players. The Dominican is producing big leaguers at 5 times the rate of the U.S. and tis article may explain why.

"With a man on first base and no outs, an MLB team's probability of scoring at least one run in the inning in 2015 was 0.499, or roughly 50-50. Pushing that runner up to second in exchange for an out reduced those odds to 0.447, or just under 45 percent. So not only does the bunt reduce the number of runs the team could expect to score in that inning (from 0.84 to 0.65) but it reduces the team's odds of scoring any runs at all. "

And yet we still spend hours upon hours working on our bunts and bunt D's. Lets put the sac bunt to bed and let the kids play!

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