Redline Athletics’ mission is to help young men and women maximize their potential by helping them become faster, stronger, and more explosive. Our trainers combine their knowledge and passion to mentor young athletes through their individualized training programs that will help them achieve their athletic goals.

   We start each client off with a thorough athletic evaluation which entails athletics goals, injury history, sport of choice, training experience, mobility, stability, and flexibility, video analysis and a brief sport specific wokout. This thorough assessment ensures that our clients receive an individualized training program and not a cookie-cutter group workout.

    Two main elements in all sports are speed and power. Both of these involve movements that center around the CORE or mid-section of the body. Energy is generated and transferred from the CORE throughout the lower and upper body.

    If you have a weak link anywhere in this energy chain, it will result in a loss of power. If a link breaks an injury is inevitable.

    We offer specialized programs to develop core stability, speed improvement, running form, and strength training.