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The Redline semi-private model is our most popular training program. We implement a group supervision format at Redline San Juan. This ensures that our clients get to interact with our entire training staff during a typical training session. We offer a maximum of a 5:1 client to coach ratio at all times.

Each session begins with a dynamic warm-up. Upon completion of the warm-up clients will begin their individualized training programs with the supervision of the coaches. Each program is designed to be roughly 60 minutes, but we ask to allow for 75 – 90 minutes to ensure that they are completing their program properly.


Most of the training at Redline Athletics takes place in the semi-private format, but we also offer 1 on 1 training for individuals looking for personal training. Private sessions take place during the quieter hours and require an advanced appointment. This can be a great option for those that may be nervous about joining a gym or for those looking for some extra attention to their sport specific skill development.

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