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Every Academy member will meet with an academic coordinator (Amber Musick) who will advise and assist in order to ensure your son is registered for the curriculum that is going to support him in his academic goals. 


          What sets Redline Academy apart from traditional school is we will teach our students the essential life-skills that the public schools have neglected. These are the skills and life lessons that they can take with them for the rest of their lives as they grow up and enter the real world. The topics covered in the course will include:

                - Leadership (Jocko Willink's Extreme Ownership Academy)
                    - Into to Finance
                    - Nutrition
                    - Sport Psychology
                    - Self-defense


Core Classes

            Our students will use a fully acredited online program to cover our core classes. These core classes will include:



- Math

- Science

- Language Arts

- Spanish

Download the Redline Academy Application

**Class size will be limited to 20 students so return application ASAP

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