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          What sets Redline Academy apart from traditional school is we will teach our students the essential life-skills that the public schools have lacked. These are the skills and life lessons that they can take with them for the rest of their lives as they grow up and enter the real world. The topics covered in the course will include leadership skills, intro to finances,  entrepreneurship and self-defense. Course structure will be as follows:


Semester 1:


            In the first semester students will be enrolled in the Extreme Ownership Academy Foundation Course by Jocko Willink’s Echelon Front. In this Course they will learn the detailed fundamentals of extreme ownership and the dichotomy of leadership. 


Semester 2:


          In the second semester we will focus on both intro to finances and entrepreneurship. This course will aim to teach financial responsibilty and income planning. The course will also include topics such as income/careers, money management, credit/debt, insurance, saving, and investing. By the end of the semester each student will be required to develop a business idea and present a business plan to the class. 




  • Throughout the school year students will have the opportunity to attend 1 self-defense course per month


            Our students will use Acellus Academy to cover the 4 core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science, & Social Science) required by the state. Acellus Academy is an official Accredited online school widely used by thousands of schools to teach Students K-12.


U.S. History


           Acellus American History is a thorough course covering early people in the Americas through the period of reconstruction following the civil war. Course topics include:

·       Early People of the Americas

·       Age of Exploration

·       Colonization

·       French and Indian War

·       Causes of the American Revolution

·       The American Revolutionary War

·       The Constitutional Convention

·       The United States Constitution

·       The Federal Period

·       Age of Jackson and Reform Movements

·       Westward Expansion

·       Industrial Revolution

·       The Civil War

·       Reconstruction




           Students will study living organisms, including plants, animals, and human beings. Beginning with a review of the basics of science, such as the scientific method, moving on to explore life itself, beginning with cellular organization and discussing the organization of living things. Particular emphasis is placed on human biology. Course topics include:

·       The Scientific Method

·       Science and Nature

·       The Nature of Life

·       Plant and Animal Cells

·       Cell Division

·       The Six Kingdoms

·       Protists

·       Fungus

·       Plants

·       Simple Invertebrates

·       Vertebrates

·       Major Systems of the Human Body

·       Nutrition






          The 8th Grade Math course is designed to help students become High School ready by ensuring they have a firm understanding of middle school mathematical concepts. Course topics include:


·       Algebraic Expressions with Integers

·       Rational Numbers and Exponents

·       Applying Irrational Numbers to Pythagorean Theorem

·       Transformations

·       Angles and Pairs of Lines

·       Volume of Circular Solids

·       Linear Functions

·       Systems of Linear Functions

·       Scatter Plots


Language Arts



          Grade 8 Language Arts/Reading uses literary classics in teaching students to analyze literature and recognize literary structures and devices.  Writing skills are reinforced through the mechanics of a logical and organized writing process in various types of texts, from personal narrative and poetry to persuasive and expository writing. Course topics include:

·       Reading Strategies

·       Narrative Writing

·       Point of View and Figurative Language

·       Wonderful Words

·       Expository Essay

·       Power of Poetry

·       Drama

·       Public Speaking

·       Informational Texts

·       Writing

·       Research

·       Analyzing Text

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**Class size will be limited to 25 students so return application ASAP

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